On the Show - December 4 - Festive Sugared Fruit

There are so many versatile ways to enjoy fabulous, festive sugared fruits...and not just at Christmastime. They make wonderful garnishes for all your culinary creations! You can "sugar" just about anything. Be creative. Crab apples, Meyer lemons, limes, or even mangoes are beautiful when they glisten with a sprinkling of super fine sugar.

1. Start with fresh (or slightly under ripe) fruit. Clean and dry thoroughly.

2. Make an egg wash by combining 2 egg whites and 1/4 cup water. Spoon or brush the fruit evenly with the egg wash.

3. Immediately sprinkle the fruit with super fine sugar (I like creme brulee sugar, but regular granulated sugar can also be used.) Do not completely cover the fruit. Allow some of the fruit's natural color to be exposed.

4. Allow the sugared fruit to dry thoroughly. Enjoy!

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